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Our Project

NICHCOM GO SDN BHD does not only trade and sell EV Charging Stations around the world. Together with our partners, we build Charging Stations in different platform to encourage Zero Carbon Emission around the world by combining renewable and sustainable energy for example, Solar, MiniHydro, Wind Turbine and etc.

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Malaysia - NICHCOM+ EV Charge Station

Our AC dual Gun Model AC-002 became the first Dual Gun AC Charging Station in Malaysia. The charging station can be used by two EVs at one time. Activate your NICHCOM+ Membership Charge Card to use in any NICHCOM+ Charging Stations


Malaysia - DC Fast Charging

DC Fast Charging Machine in Hartamas Shopping Mall, Malaysia, with the supply of outdoor DC Charging Machine, it supports various BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle) in the Cities for example BMWi , Merz EQS, Tesla, Porsche Taycan and etc. 

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Malaysia - AC Charging Dual Gun

AC Charging Station in ECO-Grandeur, our first Electric Vehicle Charge-Point-Operator , collaborations with SHINE SHINE and ECOWORLD to provide charging and car wash facilities.


Costa Rica - Charging Station

Proudly present AC Charging Station in Costa Rica with the combination of solar system together with EV Charging Station, this combination helps to achieve Zero Carbon Emission using sustainable energy. It is very environmental friendly and space utilizing too.

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