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World First ChargeCore x Nichcom+ AC006-22kW EV Charger

Jenelle Tan - Nichcom+

16 Feb 2022

Meet our World No.1 AC006-22kW EV Charger owner

Proudly present our World No.1 AC006-22kW EV Charger owner. Mr Lian, Malaysia businessman. He has become the first person to owned and installed AC006-22kW EV Charger. NICHCOM+ x CHARGECORE has pre-launched AC006 EV Charger in Malaysia on the 1st October 2021. Due to the pandemic, the launching of product has been postpone to year 2022.

The AC006 EV Charger has successfully manufactured on January 2022, China. The launching of the new product has been sent to Europe, United State, Malaysia, Thailand, Poland and etc. Surprisingly, Mr Lian, businessman from Subang, Malaysia has become the first person successfully installed the AC006-22kW EV Charger.

With the recent tax free and free roadtax from Year 2022 to Year 2025 of BEV (Full Battery Electric Vehicle), Malaysia government has put a lot of effort on supporting Renewable Energy including the Zero Carbon Emission. Electric Vehicle become one of the roadmap towards green transportation. NICHCOM+ has initiated to improve the EV Charging infrastructure in Malaysia. NICHCOM+ believe in the coming years, more EV Charging stations or EV HomeCharge will be needed around the country. Take Europe and United State as an example, each property development including condominium, bungalow, shopping malls, industrial factories and etc will have at least one EV Charging Station to cater the need of Electric Vehicle users.

According to the owner of AC006-22KW, it takes only 2.5 hours to full charge a BMW X5 (PHEV) and VOLVO XC90 (PHEV). The main reason for owning a 22KW (3 Phase) HomeCharge is to prepare himself on the future BEV (Full Battery Electric Vehicle), as for normal 3 -pin 3.5KW Charger, it might more than 12 hours to re-charge a BEV. Therefore, a 22kW is good enough to shorten the re-charge time of PHEV and his future plan of owning a BEV.

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