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NKR-PAC - Advertising + EV Charging

Jenelle - NICHCOM+

4 Feb 2022

Advertising + EV Charging Station

EV Charging Stations can be used as advertising too?
Yes, our NKR-PAC is manufactured to combine Advertising and EV/PHEV Charging. The benefits of putting up NKR-PAC is to fully utilize parking spaces not only for EV/PHEV Charging, owner can generate secondary income from advertising and increase traffic to the installed location.

NKR-PAC EV/PHEV Charging Station is a fast charging station?
No, our NKR-PAC is not DC fast Charging Stations. We only provide 2 different Phases for NKR-PAC. First comes with (Single Phase) 7KW charging, second comes with (Three Phase) 22KW charging. Uploading of advertising videos is available.

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