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Celebration Chinese New Year 2022

Jenelle Tan - NICHCOM+

8 Feb 2022

Celebrate Chinese New Year with NICHCOM+ Founder

NICHCOM+ is celebrating their first Chinese New Year in Year 2022. This will be the first year of celebration in NICHCOM+ office in Technology Park Malaysia (TPM), Bukit Jalil, Malaysia. Together with the company Founder Nilson Chong and the Co-Founder Franky Chong, both brothers has founded one of the Malaysia earliest EV Charging company, NICHCOM+.

NICHCOM+ is a company concentrate on manufacturing and retailing Electric Vehicle Charging Station. NICHCOM+ has collaborated with China most reputable EV Charging manufacturing, CHARGECORE to become one of the pioneer in Electric Vehicle Era. With the tax incentives and tax relief to the Electric Vehicle in Malaysia, Car Manufacturing like BMW, Mercedes, Mazda, Mini, Hyundai, Porsche, Honda, Toyota and etc has moved their production toward Zero Carbon Emission Vehicle which is non other than BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle).

There are always a shortage of Electric Car Charging station in Malaysia to cater the increase usage of BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle). With the shortage, Malaysia Government has been working hard to improve the infrastructure by having more EV Charging Stations around Malaysia.

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